“PSK-Yug” Group of Companies -
a shipment of sawn timber
throughout the Russian Federation and for export

М³ per month

About company

“PSK-Yug” Group of Companies — we have engaged in a shipment of hardwood and softwood sawn timber for more than 10 years throughout the Russian Federation and for export.

During this time we have proved ourselves to be reliable and decent suppliers. Thanks to diversified shipments from wide network of logging operators, as well as many years’ work with large owners of rolling stock, our clients steadily receive necessary amount of sawn timber all year round.

We have our own railway dead end and warehouse with supplies of more than 600 m³ of sawn timber

Each month we ship more than 5500 m³ of sawn timber


Production catalogue

An extensive, well-organized network of sawn timber producers and forestry workers allow to diversify shipment and reduce the risks of interruption of production shipments
Слой 5-min (1)

Edged board, woodblock

Wood type: Pine, spruce, aspen

Sort of wood: 1-5

фанкряж1 (1)

Veneer log

Wood type: Birch

Sort of wood: 1-5

погонаж1 (1)

Moulded strips

Molded board, floor board, imitation log siding, block house

The geography of shipments

7 countries, 26 cities, 127 clients

Our clients

The mode of operations

You order a call. Our manager contacts you, coordinates necessary assortment, shipping terms, an approximate date of shipment and cost.

We sign a contract with entering data into USAIS.

Then we order a wagon. When exporting, Import Quarantine Permit is required from customers for import of production in the country of destination. Besides, it is necessary to order codes for the transit of production through third countries to the country of destination (we make payments of codes ourselves by agreement). During loading of production we make a photo report to confirm quantity/quality of shipment.

When the loading of rolling stock is accomplished, we send you specification, photo report, customs declaration, invoice and phytosanitary certificate (at export).

You pay for invoice (bill) and we ship a wagon. Railway consignment note is provided within three working days.

We also render services:


Provide all types of rolling stocks for shipment

провозная плата (1) (1)

Carry out the payment of freight charges throughout the Russian Federation and passthrough payment within foreign countries.

поставка автомобилями (1)

The shipment of sawn timber by road


Malinovskogo st. 54G-305 “A”, Rostov-on-Don, 344103, Russian Federation


«PSK-Yug» Ltd.

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